Monday, April 2, 2012

Rachha Sensor Report


Dances And Fights Are a Major Plus Points

Complete Contrasts In First Half and Second Half

First Half is Love, Second Half is Mass Masala

Tamanna Is Waisted

Silly Comedy in First Half

Social Cause Film

Second Half Looses Gril

Violent Senseless Second Half

Content Result: Below Average

Ram Charan Teja’s Racha which is awaited by all his fans with a baited breath has been viewed by the censor board. 

The film has been granted an A certificate.

The movie will see Ram Charan along with Tamanna as its lead pair.

Racha had recently caught itself in an unwanted situation with the Buddhist organization that had raised an objection to the sensuous Vana Vana song being shot in front of Lord Buddha. The movie seems have to have made it out successfully out of this legal trouble but are now in for some other sad news.

The censor board members who saw this movie seem to be disappointed. 
They say that this movie is not up to the mark.

Racha is the only movie till date which has earned the highest amount of moolah in its pre releases. It also happens to be the most expensive one.

With so much at stake, this news coming from the censor board sure proves to be a spirit dampener.

We hope the hard work put in by the lead pair and Director Sampath Nandi is well rewarded for.

Racha will mark the grand opening of the holiday season and we have no other option but to cross our fingers with hope and faith that the movie will deliver what it has promised.

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