Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Un-known facts about Gabbar Singh

The craze of PawanKalyan cannot be described in words. Despite of the result of his movie there would be a high expectations of his every movie. Every person who saw the trailer and posters of *GabbarSingh* had complete trust over the movie that it is going to be a blockbuster movie.
So, let us have some facts about the GabbarSingh.
 *Some worst sentiments killing the grace of the movie. Have a look over that...
 * Some says that /police getup/doesn't gives a good luck to Powerstar, his movies
 *Annavaram,Komaram Puli, Gudumba Shankar had failed at box-office.
 So this is the main problem for *Gabbar Singh.
 *Sruthi Hassan* is generally treated as the iron leg of the industry.
  Her movies Luck, 7th Sesne, Oh my friend, 3 had failed at Box-Office. So, her next project GabbarSingh  may be affected by her luck.
* /GabbarSingh is the remake of Salman Khan's *Dabbang.* Recently Teemaar the remake of bollywood's *Love Aaj Kal* had been marked as the below average movie.So, Remake sentiment may affect this movie.
*GabbarSingh* is a known story so there would be nothing special to watch. So, the movie suffers from Over seas collections.
 PawanKalyan is going to appear as a care less and corrupted cop who takes revenge the person who kills his mother. So, need of sentiments and character. Get-up doesn't judges the movie where as story is important.
* Sruthi Hassan doesn't matters and no person who goes for the movie wants to see only PawanKalyan except Sruthi Hassan and Kamal Hassan.
* If the remake sentiment is through what about the Khushi movie? Harish Shankar had made changes in the movie according to the nativity.
* Who cares about the story of the GabbarSingh what the audience expect from the movie is entertainment. Pawan kalyan movie is the movie where the tons of entertainment is gauranteed.
 *Some Facts about GabbarSingh which we got from the inner sources:*
 * As soon as the entrance fight finishes title song starts in the desert. Some *military forces* had some conversation and one of them says: "GabbarSingh is coming" which we see PK from the long shot coming on horse and the song starts.
 * Pawan *dances with the military forces*in this song. His expressions look aggressive and serious in this song.
 * After the marriage scene *Pawan* and *Sruthi Hassan* dances for a melodious duet song at their house location for which Pawan and Sruthi Hassan are going to sing this song with their own voice.
* Hero childhood scenes which projects the mother-son relation are generally appear on the screen for very short period in the original version Dabbang and this was followed by Simbhu's Osthi too.
But this scenes are picturised on Aakash(Puri Jagannath's son) and Suhaasini which appear for more than 7 minutes in the movie.
 * Pawan expressions at his mother's dead body when he found her she was dead is said to be the one of the greatest picturised scene in the movie. News is that Pawan made this in single shot which mesmerized the whole unit.
 These are some facts about the GabbarSingh which are being happened off the screen. So, folks please be patient for 37 days to enjoy these scenes on mighty silver-screen

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