Thursday, April 5, 2012

Racha Movie Review

Movie : Ram Charan Teja’s Racha
Casting: Ramcharan, Tamannaah, Ajmal Ameer, Lisa Haydon, Prakash Raj, Mukesh Rushi, Bhramanandam.. Etc..
Direction: Sampath Nandhi
Music Director: Manisharma
Censor Certificate: U/A 

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan’s upcoming MASS entertainer Racha under the direction of Sampath Nandi is releasing today in Telugu with highest number of prints. Tamanna is paired up with Ram charan for this movie, produced by RB Chowdary under Super good films banner. Manisharma is the music director. Racha is an out and out mass entertainer releasing simultaneously in 3 languages (Racha on April 5, Ragalai (Tamil) and Raksha (Malayalam) on April 6). Let’s check out the review for More Details.
Ram Charan (Raj) does his living on betting with a motto “Aadmi kam, risk jyadha” and lives with his Step Parents. Tamanna is (Chaitra) Daughter of Ballary (Mukesh Rushi) who is big hooligan and he keeps 24-hour security on her at the college so that nobody eyes his daughter. On the other side James (Ajmal Ameer) a betting lover fails in a bet with Raj and tries to beat him in life with another bet. One day playing cricket with colony people, he comes across big problem. Taking it a chance James comes out with a deal that could actually solve his problem. Will Raj accept the Bet? How will Chaitra come across Raj? Will Raj Solve the Problem? Forms the rest of the story
Ramcharan is fab in the pretty massy role. His dance moves were energetic and vitality. The diction he used for the movie is fine. Tamanna is good in her role. But her character was not fully developed. Her oomph factors in Vana Vana song in fantabulous. Ajmal Ameer given a decent performance. Bhramanandam , Ali , Thagubothu Ramesh, Venu Madhav comedy episodes are good. Dev Gill and Kota Srinivas Rao are adequate. Naseer is alright in his cameo.
Story by Sampath Nandi is routine one that offers no novelty. Dialogues by Parchuri Brothers are clenched most of the time, but well in parts. Fights in the film are adequate. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy neat, show cases lead performances lively. Music by Mani Sharma is fair, and BGM is good. Production values by Mega Super Good Films are Grand. Director falls short of expectations. Narration of the film is routine and Screenplay is old hat. He concentrated more add-ons than the content of the film.
First half of the film provides nice base for the Second Half and Followed LATER BY Climax. First half is decent with okay interval bang. But the Pace drops down in the post interval and strikes back strong with decent Flash back and Climax episodes. Positives of Racha are Ram Charan, oomph Factor of Tamanna, Lisa Haydon, Choreography and Cinematography. On the flip side it’s Predictable Narration, Slow Second Half, Story, Editing and Placing of songs. On the whole, Sampath Nandi did a better job when compared with his last flick, but it’s not good enough.
Final Word: Racha a Average Mass Entertainer.
Survi Review: 2.5/5

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