Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chiranjeevi's 150th Film Finished?
One of the most awaited and desired event for many Telugu cinema buffs was megastar Chiranjeevi doing his 150th film. Though there was some noise in between everything became cold and Chiru is now busy with his trials of getting a cabinet berth in the union ministry.
Meanwhile, some are sharing a joke that Chiru has actually completed his 150th film. Apparently, he was seen in ‘Racha’ making scenes. Their logic is, since he was seen on the silver screen it means he has done his bit of being part of a film. Now they are making comedy that the 150th movie is complete.
Of course it is just the making video which came during the end credits of ‘Racha’ but the moment Chiru was seen, the whole theatre began to reverberate with lot of whistles and claps. He may be a failure when it comes to politics but he sure seems to be the uncrowned emperor when it comes to Tollywood.

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