Thursday, April 5, 2012

Racha Movie Anti-Piracy Warning

Mega Super Good Films is trying to control 'rachcha' online piracy by holding an antipiracy team of 'Team Andhra Anti Piracy.' If anybody comes across with pirated version links please report to, or &

Warning to Pirates

'rachcha' is released On April 5th 2012. Please don’t post any pirated links of the movie Racha. We [Team Andhra Anti Piracy] have The right to stop the Video piracy over Internet which Means we have all the rights to take legal Actions on anyone who Post/Publish/Exhibit/Stream/Distribute the film In any form [Torrents/Magnet Links/Direct Links/Online Streaming] or any other Format over Internet. We will take very serious action if we come across such postings in your website/blog/forums/File sharing sites etc without any warning. The above press release will be treated as warning to pirated links posting websites. We Monitor 24/7 Internet piracy in-order to kill piracy.

We monitor...

Free Video Sharing Sites like Youtube, Google Videos, and Metacafe Etc.
Peer-to-Peer networks's like Sopcasts, Freedocast Etc.
Forum Websites.
File sharing websites.
Social networking communities.
Blogspots/wordpress/Other sharing portals.

Deletion of illegal downloads from file sharing sites and videohosting sites such as,,,,, etc or working with ISP providers to remove the content from their hosting servers and websites, if the website admin didn't remove/respond for initial requests.

Our serious actions may include:

Blocking of your domain name permanently in India/US/UK with the help of respective Governments.
Blocking of your domain name’s DNS Registry.
Taking Legal Action on the person who indulged in spreading the pirated print of the movie

Please treat this as a severe warning and don’t indulge in piracy of 'Racha.' Please try to Intimate & Mail Us where ever you see the links 0r Torrents or any type of Streaming Links of the Movie to or

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