Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adhinayakudu Censor Review

Movie Rating: 3.25/5* * * 
Movie Highlights : 
* The one and only highlight of the movie is Nandamuri Balakrishna. This movie is completely his one man show for which he took the risk of carrying the whole movie on his shoulders.
* The whole story revolves around the leader who fought for the welfare the people and sacrificed his life.
* Balakrishna appeared in three roles as son, father and grand father. 
* The first half of the movie is filled with family drama, comedy and youthful scenes.
* The father and son relation is picturised effectively in this part. Brahmanandham and Ali comedy had worked  well which makes the first half interesting for the audience. 
* Mighty twist enters the story where it leads to the interval bang which is said to be the highlight of the movie. * The lead role of the movie enters in the second half. Balakrishna with old man get up as a leader enters the screen. His action, dialogues and mannerisms visualize Sr.NTR on the screen. 
* His character remains for 20 minutes on screen in the flashback episode. 
* Balayya in the father character has excelled at peaks,his royalty was completely projected in such character. * Young Balayya in the son role is completely for mass audience and for songs. His songs with Lakshmi Rai and Saloni are good. 
* Lakshmi Rai suited well as a pair with NBK but Saloni is not too good for him. 
* Background Music by Kalyan Malik is asset for this movie in the second half. Songs are good too. 
* Songs will surely make the fans to to remember the Narasimha Naidu as they were picturised in the old style which are well suited for Balakrishna. Every song is picturized well.
Negatives : 
*Adhinayakudu is not a fresh story. The story looks like to be seen some where before. The complete result of the movie based upon the way how the fans receive the movie

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