Friday, April 6, 2012

Damarukam Audio to be launched in May
Nagarjuna’s latest movie Damarukam the socio fantasy is now heading towards its post production work.
This movie too has followed the latest trend of using the famous Computer Generated imaginary (CGI) in it. As per the script the CGI was used to make up real life images for the fantasy part of the story.
The movie makers are planning for the audio launch to be held on the 6th of May. The release may take place in the third week of June. The producer R.R.Venkat is yet to announce the official confirmation regarding the dates.
The movie has been directed by Srinivas Reddy produced by R.R.Venkat under the R.R.Movies Banner. It is said that the movie has been made with a huge overwhelming budget of 30 crores. Nagarjuna has been cast along with Anushka in this movie.
With movie release coinciding with onset of monsoon and the start of the next academic year the movie may gather the last of the holiday crowd.
Now will it be a big bang ending for the holiday season that we need to wait and watch!!!

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  1. Hey thanks you for the information about nagarjun damarukam releasing news damarukam release date


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