Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Balakrishna Adhinayakudu Pre Release Report

                         Balakrishna’s Adhinayakudu troubled times seem to have come to an end. The movie which has been news for the various roles that have been played by Balakrishna is now set for release on the 12th of April.
                         The movie crew had seen a lot of difficult time with frequent short comings of money for production, injury of the cameraman and the case put by the forest department of Vizag for unnecessary of clearing planted area for the shooting of the movie.
                          The movie also released its audio with holding a special event dedicated for the album. The movie has been postponed from the month of January as there were no distributors who were ready to take risks of launching this troubled movie. Even Reliance which had come forward to help the troubled director Prachuri Keerthi backed off at the last minute.
Finally when the director had a special screening for two distributors, they decided to give it shot and brought the rights. This as managed to attract all the curious cats of the distribution trade and no the movie has managed to get enough distributors.
                           This has brought huge sigh of relief to the Adhinayakudu camp. The movie will now be played on the 70mms on the 12th April.

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