Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trisha Offered Less Remuneration For Sir Osthara
It is already known that petite beauty Trisha has opted out of Raviteja's upcoming movie 'Sir Osthara'. Apparently, she has given no reason for avoiding this movie, but here goes an insider report.For public around her, Trisha is saying that her dates are clashing and hence she opted out of flick. But the real reason is the remuneration part, says a source. These days the petite beauty is not doing well in terms of successes before signing movies merely for money. Keeping her flop track in mind, our makers are said to be offering her an all-time low remuneration in her career. Unlike Shriya, Trisha is not able to digest these happenings and hence opted out of the movie.
It is also heard that she is being asked to don skimpy and much short outfits for that low remuneration, which anyways is not liked by the ageing siren. 'She has felt insulted by Telugu producers with such raunchy offers', the source stated.

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