Monday, July 9, 2012

Eega First day collections !

Finally Eega released and becama a big hit and shaking the bells of Box office, After many delays this movie was released on July 6th, even there are many delays in the movie release the Hype is not at all decreased and there are teh mind blowing collections of the movie on the fiorst day, Check out the Collection figures of varios Areas in AP

Nizam: Rs. 1.63 Crores

Ceded: Rs. 1.10 Crores

East:  Rs. 39.5 Lacs

West: Rs. 28.2 Lacs

Krishna: Rs.32.8 Lacs

Uttara Andhra: Rs. 30Lacs

Nellore: Rs. 17.43Lacs

Guntur: Rs. 51 Lacs

Total AP Share on Day 1:  
4 crore 71 Lakhs

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