Monday, June 18, 2012

Boyapati Srinu in Story Confusion

 Simha Director Boyapati Seenu is ina trouble of desciding Hero of his story ,presently boyapati seenu has two projects in his hand ,A film with Mahesh Babu under Boorugupalli Sivaramakrishna’s production and a film with Charan under K.L.Narayana’s production. He had made some changes in the story line which is written to mahesh Babu by considering mahesh babu image, but there is twist in this scenario, the same kind of story line is also going to be present for the Charan movie also, as telugu audians are not a fools to watch the same movie with two different hero's so Boyapati is in a confusion that for whom his story should be alloted, even for the Dammu movie also he told 20 Stories to NTR, among them only one story he selected and its was picturized as Dammu, Now Boypati seenu is again in Story confusion, lets see for whom he will give his story

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